The Seach for the Perfect Vocalist

I'm pretty sure everyone knows a singer can make or break a song. A crappy vocalist can literally ruin a great song or even cause it to fail completely, I have been around quite a few singers and I can tell you that I've seen some great songs that were scrapped due to having the wrong vocalist at the time and even the best attempts at arrangement could not salvage someone who couldn't sing in the first place. Obviously a lot of my songs are instrumentals because I am a guitar player and I like to showoff - - - occasionally I can structure myself and write a verse/chorus type song when the moment or mood strikes brief as it may be.

I am trying more frequently to write vocal based songs to have my music make it out to the masses globally because I've always encountered some bias to instrumental based music with the following "where are the vocals?". So with that said I went in search of MY perfect vocalist that would fit my music perfectly, I went to clubs, I held auditions, I went to a few more clubs, did some online searching and found...absolutely nothing!!! Too whiny, not enough power, no emotion, too many effects and on and on, this continued for about a year until a friend recommended a friend. I gave him an old demo which I had the music and lyrics for and let him see what he could do as far as arrangement, performance and style. What I got back was amazing, I say that because it was not a standard song I had written, since it was an old demo it was kind of all over the

But he put it all together and something amazing happened, the song took on a new life, we tweaked the arrangement a little and the song became a pretty decent cut. I may release it on here or I may not, the limitations I had when I made the demo didn't allow for the sonic quality I am accustomed to now...but you never know so look for it. The song was titled "Fall Of The Unholy" and the singer was Chris Clancy (Google'll be amazed), right now we are working on another NEW track entitled "Thankless Dogs" which is more suited to both our styles and it shows because this song rocks!!! Soon as we're done you find it here and we will go on to the next cut for the album "Disposable Heroes"...


Anthony Lee Erik