A young boy growing up in Jersey the music was your background for life. Good times, there were songs, bad times, there were songs. Girls came along, there were literally more songs than you could listen to but eventually you got to most of them. There was always a song tied to a moment of your life where you knew where you had been or where you were going. Then I picked up a guitar, started playing my own background music and the dream began, I was always into hard rock, metal and ballads but I could "play" anything: country, jazz, blues or just about anything my mind could dream up. If I could hear it in my head, I'd figure out a way to play it, arrange it and record it!!!

I was always in the studio traveling all over the East Coast and sometimes the West Coast, on the road recording and writing constantly. Since I was writing the music, lyrics and arrangements I decided to build my own studio and venture out on my own with the music I loved or whatever I happened to be in the mood to write at any given time, I didn't want to paint myself into a corner with just one type or style of music so you will definitely see a lot of different styles of music on here under the "hard rock" theme of the site so always check back for the latest. Enjoy the journey music takes us on throughout our lives, it holds the secret to a beautiful life...you just have to listen.


Anthony Lee Erik

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I guess this is where you'll find out whats going on with the music, where we will be playing after the band gets hired for the road gigs (studio guys don't always want to hit the road). Stay tuned and keep listening...