"Evil Twin" Visualizer Video Release

Sorry guys, it's been a while - - - auditions, new material, new home studio and response to "Claim The Crown" which has SOLD OUT by the way on the CD platform (we'll do another run next year) and has kept us pretty busy as of late but we wanted to give you guys something while we are working on the next release "Digging Up Bones" - - - and the follow up to that will be "Private Misconception" which will be an AMAZING release with our new singer Chris who you heard on the teaser for "Thankless Dogs"!!! Details to come on that very soon, until then enjoy this little bit of something we came up with that you can watch here:

or just click on this link: EVIL TWIN VIDEO

Hope you guys enjoy and we will be back with some new music, info and videos very soon...


All The Best,

Anthony Lee Erik