"Battle Of Kings" and The Kitchen Sink Update...

Hey Everybody,

I really can't believe it's been this long since we've updated - - - but sometimes "life" happens and you go down a few different paths you'd didn't expect to. You say goodbye to some people and hello to some new bandmates, fans and friends - - - so here we are, we're back and ready to update the masses so grab your beverage and have a seat because this may take a minute...

Let's start with the upcoming release "Battle of Kings" 10 ear shredding tunes that was originally titled "Digging Up Bones" but after many band meetings and discussions (arguments and fights), the tremendous dislike of the proposed artwork and logo, the shift to "Battle of Kings" was unanimous. The track listing also went back and forth but that fell into place pretty quick, so in no particular order the final track listing is as follows:

  1. If I Die (Before I Wake)
  2. Nightmares
  3. Ligeia
  4. Battle Of Kings
  5. Claim The Crown
  6. Curse Of Tartarus
  7. Digging Up Bones
  8. Lady Of The Lake
  9. Dreamworld
  10. Knight Of Angels

Mixing and mastering duties are being handled by KilProduction Audio and they are doing an amazing job, so amazing that down the road we are going to have them remix and remaster our debut album "Claim The Crown". The songs were just too good and we let our dumb asses think we could mix and master an album properly - - - lesson learned!!! From now on we leave the engineering to the professionals, we will stick to what we know. Once we release it we will do some videos, do some press, some giveaways, some new merch and hopefully get to take it on the road and play live for people once again. We are in the process of tracking new songs as we speak so we won't be out of the public eye too long - - - and this time we will have an extra special guest that EVERYONE will know with just the mention of one word...buuuut, we can't let that cat out of the bag just yet though so hang tight on that one and we'll keep you posted.

By now your favorite beverage has to be done, so go grab your refill and if we have the time I may come back and give you guys a little 30 seconds teaser so you know what you're in for, hopefully we will and hopefully you guys will like it. Other projects on the horizon are obviously the follow up to this new release, a Steve Vai inspired album, our retro 80's metal album (with vocalist) and possibly a selfish side project blues album. We'll see, but who knows what the future hold so for now keep rock and metal alive, support your local music (some of us live and die by it), stay safe, stay tuned and keep listening...


Anthony Lee Erik