"Thankless Dogs" Release Date 2/22/20!!! + more...

Hey Guys,

Another apology for the dead silence the last few months but it has been CRAZY busy around here and a few equipment issues like a brand new HELIX RACK going dumpster but Line6 took care of it so all good!!! As promised we will do a short video tour of the new home studio setup with all the NEW gear in the next few weeks before we go hard mixing the NEW followup album to "Claim The Crown" which is titled "Digging Up Bones" (posting the track list soon...). In the meantime we wanted to give you a taste of whats coming after that so we are releasing the first track "Thankless Dogs" off of the next forthcoming album "Private Misconception" with the tremendously talented vocalist Chris Clancy - - - an awesome engineer and producer as well. So come back here on 2/22/20 and the track should be uploaded by then, you can hear it and purchase it here or on Amazon Music, iTunes, Spotify or any of the other streaming platforms. we are going to try and do a video for this so be on the lookout for that as well so stay tuned and keep listening...


All TheBest,

Anthony Lee Erik

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